When I started teaching at Stilwell, it was a turnaround school with a “D” grade.  The announcement this summer that Stilwell has improved to a “B” is a credit to the leadership of the administration, the dedication of our teachers and staff, and the hard work of our Patriot Cadets.  The part I played in Stilwell’s transformation motivates my run for school board.  I know from this very personal experience (the proud Cadet in this picture also happens to be my youngest son) that, together, we can make a positive difference in public education, in the lives of students, and in the communities that surround our schools.

I have been encouraged to receive the endorsements linked above from local leaders and organizations.  Between now and the general election, however, I will be working hard to earn the most important endorsement of all, your vote. Please review my experience and the priorities I will pursue if elected.  After that, if you share my vision for a better Jacksonville through improved public education, please click on the Facebook link above for real time campaign updates, share your support of our work with your friends, and Vote Charlotte Joyce on November 6th!